Puffer Magic

Yes it's time again to access what winter gear we are going to be completely emerged in this year - as from the early looks of it mean old winter is in a nasty mood. This year I am all all about the shiny puffer jackets, the more shine the better. Boston is a chilly city and we need all the protection we can get whether hitting the cobblestone sidewalks in Beacon Hill or slopes in Vermont. I am obsessed with three amazing brands after many hours of grueling research with countless trips to Newbury Street with plenty of stops at Pinkberry for my peppermint fix. 

1. Sam. NYC 


I am obsessed with their collection. This year Sam. is by far my favorite winter necessity. I love how flattering and classic these coats are without being too overbearing.  They make you feel like you are fashionable in even the coldest temperatures. In fact,  I just bought one for myself as well as my six year old daughter.  They are reasonable priced for jackets at two hundred and fifty to three hundred. Bloomingdales and Saks are your best place to find your favorite winter wonder. 

2. Montcler


Montcler are notorious for keeping you warm and fashionable. Military chic is their focus this year and they are spot on. I am in love with how shiny these jackets are, which makes you stand out in any kind of weather. These can also be found at Saks as well as Barneys in the Prudential. 

3. Canada Goose 


These are an absolute classic that embrace warmth with so much fur that you can't imagine being cold. Canada Goose targets the arctic in a very classic way that makes you need to own one. The Tannery on Boylston street has a great selection to find your perfect Goose.  

Stay warm this season and try and forget about the cold and focus more on how cute you look in your new puffer jacket.