''Tis the Season🎄

Christmas cheer!!  


Christmas is such a jolly time of year and I ❤️to bring that festive joy in my holiday wardrobe. This year I became obsessed with these fun sunzel leggings. The best part is that they are $12.99 on amazon prime.  They also have 10 other holiday styles if santas don't spark your inner fa la la la.   


Martha's Vineyard


 We have been visiting MV for about 10 years now thanks to Meredith's in-laws, and have found so much that we like on the island that it's hard to narrow it down to the BEST. So here are a few of our favorites......which are always changing.

Getting there- Easy drive from Boston to Woods Hole. Once there you jump on a ferry, relax and have a beer or glass of wine!

New York can be a bit more difficult, but there are a ton of flights and a long ferry ride right out the city with a Friday afternoon departure from NYC and a Sunday evening arrival back into the city.

Fav Beaches- Menemsha beach, love the location- Beautiful! South Beach(Katama)- big waves and soft sand. State Beach- for the kids, no waves and jumping off of Jaws bridge!

 Activity- we just tried LED paddle boarding! Check out Island Spirit Kayak.

 Fish Market - Larsen's and Net Result 

Lobster Roll- Grace Church, not kidding love! Only sell on Friday nights from 4-7pm. Yum! 


Drinks- Besides post beach cocktails in your own back yard, which are the best and most relaxing! We have become recently aware of Beetlebung in Oak Bluffs, craft cocktails and amazing bartenders! Later in the evening the Port Hunter in Edgartown is where you go for a few more drinks and great bands, the food is great so hit it up for Dinnner before the band comes on. 

Breakfast- Right Fork Diner. Perfect for the kids to play while you wait for a table on the Katama air field.

Dinner- Right now.... We have always loved Home Port in Menemsh- Fresh and delicious, you basically are on the dock. You will need to bring your own bottle of wine if you would like a glass with dinner. We recently tried and are fans of Beach Road (in Vineyard Haven), the sister restaurant to the beloved State Road. 

These are just a few of our fav's. There is so much more......... Lots of shopping next time! 

Have a great weekend! 


Martha + Meredith 


Puffer Magic

Yes it's time again to access what winter gear we are going to be completely emerged in this year - as from the early looks of it mean old winter is in a nasty mood. This year I am all all about the shiny puffer jackets, the more shine the better. Boston is a chilly city and we need all the protection we can get whether hitting the cobblestone sidewalks in Beacon Hill or slopes in Vermont. I am obsessed with three amazing brands after many hours of grueling research with countless trips to Newbury Street with plenty of stops at Pinkberry for my peppermint fix. 

1. Sam. NYC 


I am obsessed with their collection. This year Sam. is by far my favorite winter necessity. I love how flattering and classic these coats are without being too overbearing.  They make you feel like you are fashionable in even the coldest temperatures. In fact,  I just bought one for myself as well as my six year old daughter.  They are reasonable priced for jackets at two hundred and fifty to three hundred. Bloomingdales and Saks are your best place to find your favorite winter wonder. 

2. Montcler


Montcler are notorious for keeping you warm and fashionable. Military chic is their focus this year and they are spot on. I am in love with how shiny these jackets are, which makes you stand out in any kind of weather. These can also be found at Saks as well as Barneys in the Prudential. 

3. Canada Goose 


These are an absolute classic that embrace warmth with so much fur that you can't imagine being cold. Canada Goose targets the arctic in a very classic way that makes you need to own one. The Tannery on Boylston street has a great selection to find your perfect Goose.  

Stay warm this season and try and forget about the cold and focus more on how cute you look in your new puffer jacket. 







MINE finds bloggers

There are so many talented bloggers out there. Here are a few that have caught our eye lately and we can't wait to see what they they have up their sleeves as the festive holidays approach.

Sequins and Things - sequinsandthings.com

Gal meets Glam - galmeetsglam.com

Elements of Style - elementsofstyleblog.com

Honestly WTF - honestlywtf.com

It's a Hunt Life - talesofmeandthehusband.com

Wanderlust and Such - www.wanderlust-and-such.blogspot.com

Atlantic Pacific - atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com

Cupcakes and Cashmere - cupcakesandcashmere.com

Ginger Side of Life - gingersideoflife.com

Classy Girls Wear Pearls - classygirlswearpearls.com


Sequins and Things -  sequinsandthings.com

Sequins and Things - sequinsandthings.com

Gal meets Glam -  galmeetsglam.com

Gal meets Glam - galmeetsglam.com

Elements of Style -  elementsofstyleblog.com

Elements of Style - elementsofstyleblog.com

Classy Girls Wear Pearls -  classygirlswearpearls.com

Classy Girls Wear Pearls - classygirlswearpearls.com

Honestly WTF - honestlywtf.com

Honestly WTF - honestlywtf.com

Atlantic Pacific - atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com

Atlantic Pacific - atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com

Retro Obsessed

I was just browsing through Vogue.com and couldn't get enough of Liana Satenstein "Best retro denim for fall."  


It created an instant reaction to google search for my own retro denim. A piece that I honestly had not realized that I could not live with out till this morning.  I then found my obsessed - need it now pair. The Rag and Bone Miramar jeans.  


Have fun finding your own perfect retro denim for Fall.  


Football holiday sweater



The Ravens rule the nest in my household during Football season and seeing him wear this sweater makes it a whole lot easier! 

check out Festidied   http://www.festified.com for your favorite team's ugly holiday sweater. If they don't have your team, go to http://www.nflshop.com/search/Ugly%20sweaters


Flats for a Lifetime

Flats are for some a blessing and to others an awful nightmare. I am somewhere in between as I love heels but my feet feel much more at home in a Lanvin patent flat. It's also important when you are in a walking city like Boston or NYC that you remember comfort does matter. I have listed my three favorite ballet flats that while easy on your toes they are also reliable as an important fashion staple.


1. Lanvin

These amazing shoes are on the higher end at five hundred a pair. However, to be honest they really are worth it.  They are comfortable and chic in a classic way that makes almost any outfit work. I am partial to the black patent but I have not really seen a pair of Lanvin patent I didn't like.  In Back Bay your best best selection is at Barneys in Copley.




2. Tieks

These Oprah obsessed ballet flats have so many different options that you can not go wrong. They literally have a vast option of colors and designs to fit everyone's style. I am again drawn to the patent colors but also love their vegan collection. They are priced around two hundred and are most likely to be found at Nordstrom Rack on Newbury street.





3. Tory Burch

These are of course been a staple for the past decade but that is because they are truly comfortable. I'm a bigger fan of the more obscure styles but I have never been disappointed trekking through the streets of Boston wearing Tory.
Saks in the Prudential has a great selection and priced just over two hundred.