Flats for a Lifetime

Flats are for some a blessing and to others an awful nightmare. I am somewhere in between as I love heels but my feet feel much more at home in a Lanvin patent flat. It's also important when you are in a walking city like Boston or NYC that you remember comfort does matter. I have listed my three favorite ballet flats that while easy on your toes they are also reliable as an important fashion staple.


1. Lanvin

These amazing shoes are on the higher end at five hundred a pair. However, to be honest they really are worth it.  They are comfortable and chic in a classic way that makes almost any outfit work. I am partial to the black patent but I have not really seen a pair of Lanvin patent I didn't like.  In Back Bay your best best selection is at Barneys in Copley.




2. Tieks

These Oprah obsessed ballet flats have so many different options that you can not go wrong. They literally have a vast option of colors and designs to fit everyone's style. I am again drawn to the patent colors but also love their vegan collection. They are priced around two hundred and are most likely to be found at Nordstrom Rack on Newbury street.





3. Tory Burch

These are of course been a staple for the past decade but that is because they are truly comfortable. I'm a bigger fan of the more obscure styles but I have never been disappointed trekking through the streets of Boston wearing Tory.
Saks in the Prudential has a great selection and priced just over two hundred.